Pixels in time

I brush a hair gently
From her white flower girl frock
As a tear slowly forms and
Runs across time.

A small brown stain
Has formed on her left wrist,
Rusting the silver bracelet, 
A blemish on her hand.

Carefully I polish time.
Shining the bangle,
While with siblings care
Renew her soft young skin.

Pixel by pixel
I recreate perfection,
Worn down by passing,
Buried by receeding time.

I cannot work on 
the next time lapsed image:

A girl's dark curled head 
Against a black shadowed door
Smiling and shy in
Her first blue checked bra.

If I could 
I would
Pixel by pixel 
Those nascent breasts. 

For they will never
Nurse long the young
She will produce.

They will merely fulfil
The warning
For the dark haired girl
Caught against the black portal of time.

© Malcolm Alexander 2017

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